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The Inland Empire region lags behind much of California in academic achievement, economic opportunity, and the numbers of students who go on to college:


  • 31% of the high school students graduating in Riverside County and 30% in San Bernardino County have completed the coursework requirements in order to be eligible for the University of California or the California State university systems (California Department of Education, 2011-12).
  • 60% of students in Riverside County and 67% in San Bernardino County are eligible for free or reduced meals (California Department of Education, 2011-12).
  • By 2015, 21% of the regions working–age adults are expected to attain at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with 31% statewide (, April 2008).

As one of the least educated metropolitan regions in the country, College and Career Readiness is integral to developing a better quality of life for the Inland Empire.

The College and Career Readiness Collaborative (formerly known as the Inland Empire EAP Collaborative) is a working partnership between FACE, Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), and regional education stakeholders. Combining the resources and strengths of the members, the goal is to create a comprehensive model for addressing essential educational issues surrounding college and career readiness and success. The Collaborative is organized under the strong local leadership of Dr. Herbert Fischer, the former Superintendent of the San Bernardino County Office of Education; and Dr. Pamela Clute, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational and Community Engagement at UC Riverside, and with the state and national perspective of Dr. David Plank, Executive Director of PACE. In order to prioritize and implement the objectives of the Collaborative, a Planning Committee formed that has representation from Riverside and San Bernardino County community colleges, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU San Bernardino, CSU San Marcos, UC Riverside, regional private colleges, K-12 school districts, and the Riverside and San Bernardino County Offices of Education. This Committee coordinates related activities between stakeholders; provides direction and organization for events; monitors progress toward goals, and guides the future of the Collaborative.

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