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  • In addition to seventeen other public and private higher education institutions, UCR is a community
    leader that contributes $1.4 billion to the state economy yearly and is ranked 5th in the nation in
    contributing to the public good.
  • Local policy makers that are actively working to direct future growth.
  • A commitment from the community to support progress in the region, exampled by the wide array
    of stakeholder coalitions.
  • Astounding population growth that encompasses a diverse, vibrant population.


A strong Communication Network is an essential component to the FACE mission -- amongst partners and externally, with policy makers, potential funders, or future partners. The Inland Empire region and FACE partners must effectively communicate with each other: sharing best practices, discussing successes and failures, contributing expertise and working together toward a common goal. Through the FACE Newsletter, as well as meetings and events, our goal is to keep our partners apprised of our work and learn about new initiatives in the community. Likewise, the Inland Empire region must come together to actively work in conjunction to present a unified front to policy makers and funders. Competing against each other will not solve the systemic issues affecting the region.



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